In an era of rapid technological advancement, the intersection of AI and language education holds immense promise for revolutionising traditional teaching paradigms. This presentation aims to clarify the integration of OpenAI ChatGPT with NPCs in VWs (SL) focusing on its manifold and exciting potential opening up for teacher training, education and in particular, language skills. Attendees explore the affordance of APIkeys to generate responsive, contextually relevant discourse, thus fostering immersive learning experiences. During this 45-minute session, practical insights will illuminate instructional design considerations for leveraging this AI affordance in TESOL, including personalisation, immediate feedback, and scaffolding for diverse learner proficiency levels.


As accredited TESOL/EAP educator, online immersive tutor and assessor, Helena Galani (Dip. RSA – University of Cambridge/UCLES, M.A ELT – University of Nottingham) blends and flips her classes in immersive VWs, VR and AI combined with Learning Management Systems. With a keen interest in (immersive) Instructional design, Helena owns ELT Treasure Island on Kitely and taught/trained EFL teachers for INDIRE, EdMondo. As EVO (lead) moderator, Helena trains language teachers to use VR, AI and VWs with Transmedia Storytelling, games, Interactive Scenarios. As EduNation resident, CAMELOT Award winner and presenter, she supports the value of VR/VWs and machinima for language acquisition

edtech tool: OpenAI ChatGPT

Demystifying AI APIkeys: NPCs in virtual realms (Second Life) to enhance the TESOL experience – Helena Galani

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