Highlighting lexical chunks with Diigo

Leo Selivan


Diigo is a social bookmarking tool, which allows you to save and access all your bookmarks online. But it’s not only a great app for keeping your links in one place; its highlighting function can be used in class for drawing students attention to and keeping track of lexical chunks in online articles, texts and web pages.

Leo Selivan is a teacher trainer and writer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He trains both pre-service and in-service teachers as well as language editors. For many years he advocated the Lexical Approach through his blog Leoxicon and articles in Modern English Teacher, The Guardian Education and Humanising Language Teaching. This culminated in the publication of Lexical Grammar (Cambridge University Press, 2018). His second book, Activities for Alternative Assessment (DELTA Publishing, 2021), comes out next month. No less importantly, Leo is still a practising EFL teacher with more than 15 years of experience.

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Highlighting lexical chuncks with Diigo – Leo Selivan

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