15. April 2021 um 4:40 pm – 5:00 pm UTC Zeitzone

Write and record your own language-learning songs

Charles Goodger, Italy


With the right tools and apps it’s easier – and cheaper – than ever to record professional sounding songs and audio recordings to enhance your language courses. In this brief presentation I will share the workflow I use to create the educational action songs and follow-up material teachers from around the world download from funsongs.co.uk.

Not a musician but just a teacher interested in using music to accelerate learning and memorisation? This talk is for you too. With tools like Logic Pro and Audition you don’t need to be a conservatory-trained composer to give form to your creativity. Come and see how!


From London, the founder of FunSongs Education Charles Goodger speaks six languages. He is a musician, writer and teacher trainer at Bologna University where he shows trainees how to use and write teaching songs. Charles, who has written for world famous artists such as Al Bano Carrisi, believes fervently in using dynamic songs and music as a valid tool for presenting new language.

He has been invited to hold music-based workshops at  ELT conferences in many countries including Russia, China, Israel and India.

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Write and record your own language-learning songs – Charles Goodger

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