Teaching with Current, Authentic Video: Lingua Attack

Paul Maglione


Effective teaching of foreign languages to today’s tweens, teens and young adults requires them to be truly engaged and motivated, as there are so many distractions that otherwise claim their attention. For this generation of learners, current, authentic video content is the key, but lessons integrating it need to be structured as carefully as any other lesson plan, gamified, and available on both web and mobile. Lingua Attack has been specifically designed for such use across six learning languages, and is available in 26 user interface languages.

Paul Maglione is the co-founder and Director of Education of Entertainment Learning, the Paris-based publisher of language-learning platforms English Attack, Lingua Attack, Qioz.fr and DoYouSpeak Jeun’Est. Paul held successive high-level international management positions in the consumer goods, television, and videogaming industries before co-founding EL. He has degrees from Brown University and London Business School as well as a TEFL certificate from Rutgers University.

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Teaching with Current, Authentic Video: Lingua Attack – Paul Maglione

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