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Fri 13 November 2009, 11:20am GMT

Half a million people in the world now understand English better thanks to VOICEbooks, one of the best-selling multimedia language-learning applications of all time.

The VOICEbook Player is a media player designed for foreign language learners. Working preferably in pairs, learners listen and write in what they heard, as in the age-old task of dictation. The Player then provides instant feedback using fuzzy logic, indicating what is right or partially right. Instead of a clearly-enunciated audio source used for assessing spelling (classic dictation), the VOICEbook source audio is purely authentic, since at all levels from beginner to C2 authentic audio presents a huge number of issues for language learners, and is the skill over which they have the least control. Come and be a language learner with listening problems, and see how the VOICEbook Player can resolve them for you!

About Anthony Green
Anthony Green has been teaching Scientific English at Bari University in Italy for the last 20 years and is the editor of the VOICEbook series of interactive listening materials, which he will be presenting on Friday, giving participants the chance to use the VOICEbook Player software during the session.

*** CLICK HERE for the 19 min recording ***

VOICEbook – collaborative L2 listening

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