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Language education is of prime importance in a country where it is believed there are up to 1652 mother tongues currently in use. Hindi is the national language and English is taught as the second language in most of the states. Among the 28 Indian states, Kerala holds a unique position with the highest literacy rate at 93.9 percent. Five million students and half a million teachers work together to achieve what they can. As a result of this great academic achievement, the University of Oxford chose Kerala for many pilot projects in the field of language education. And the “I.T. @ School Project “ of the state showed its strength by providing world-class I. C. T. requirements for all schools in the state. Many schools conduct virtual conferences and virtual classes regularly. Learners get the opportunity to share ideas with pioneers in ELT teaching and learning all over the world.2

Syke A.K. holds a Bachelors of Education as well as a Masters in English (2002), and has been teaching for the past 10 years in high schools and universities in his home state in India. He is a member of the Core-Oxford Project by the University of Oxford, founder of the first virtual class room in a school in Kerala, and took the lead in the formation of the first wirelessly connected campus school in the state. Furthermore, he directed a documentary film ‚Nevertheless It Moves‘ (January 2009) and has presented papers at the International ELTAI conferences for the past two years.

Syke Annamma Kumaran (iTDi): Language Education in the Indian Context.

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