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Storytelling is the ancient form of education whose appeal has been rediscovered in modern times. Cultures told tales to pass down beliefs to future generations. Stories capture learners’ imaginations, emotions, minds and heart.  Storytelling sparks learners’ interests; aids flow of classes; makes material memorable; overcomes anxiety and builds good rapport.

About Faisal Ibrahim Al-Shamali

Faisal Ibrahim Al-Shamali got an MA in Linguistics, Jordan 1998. He has been teaching English Language since 1994. He taught English Language at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia; Dhofar University, Oman; IH, Chiang Mai, Thailand. He got CELTA in 2009. He got a TEYL and E-Teacher Professional Development certificates, UMBC, USA 2010.  He joined webinars in Ukraine and Jordan. He got an E-Certificate by American Embassy, Jordan. He is registered in an online course by university of Oregon on CT. Also, he is registered in Webinar course held in Washington DC. He attended and presented at numerous international conferences in Jordan, Oman, Thailand, USA, etc. He is a member in TESOL.

Storytelling in ESL classroom

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