Pecha Kucha
Fri 13 November 2009, 9:30pm GMT

A Pecha Kucha is a speedy presentation technique which originated 2003 in Japan and has since taken on a world-tour and todate Pecha Kucha nights are taking place regularily in 250+ cities around the world. What is still relatively new though is to hold Pecha Kuchas live online in a virtual classroom. Kudos to all presenters who had the courage to do so and you will agree, that the recordings of these presentations were worth all the effort.

Pecha Kucha presenters (in alphabetical order)

Burcu Akyol

About Burcu Akyol
Burcu Akyol has been teaching English for ten years. She is currently the coordinator of the foreign languages department of ISTEK Schools in Istanbul, Turkey, with responsibility for training and development programmes. In the last three years, she has focused on using web technologies in the language classroom. She blogs at

Sean Banville

About Sean Banville
Sean is webmaster of sites including and He has a Master’s degree in TEFL/TESL from Birmingham University. He spent 13 years teaching in Japan and relocated to the UAE in 2006. He recently became an enthusiastic Tweeter and is gearing up to enter the world of blogging.

Neal Chambers

About Neal Chambers
Neal Chambers writes a grammar series on Recently, he has become a strong advocate for the use of Twitter for professional networking and resource sharing. He has earned his CELTA and has spent over 5 years teaching English in Japan.

Marisa Constantinides

About Marisa Constantinides
Marisa Constantinides is a teacher, teacher educator, ELT author and blogger. She is Director of Studies of CELT, a teacher education centre in Athens Greece offering Cambridge CELTA and DELTA courses to teachers from Greece and many other countries. Her topic today is inspired by her work with free classes of adult refugee beginners from countries such as Iran, Afghanistan who are trying to learn English as a passport to some day finding work in the English speaking world.

V Anitha Devi

About V. Anitha Devi (pre-recorded Presto 10×20 presentation)
Dr. V.Anitha Devi is an Assistant Professor Sr. of English at VIT University, India. She has been involved in the development of the Language Laboratory at the University and in training teachers to use technology. Her research interests include teaching using Web 2.0 and preparing CALL materials. The presentation is recorded because it would have been at 1am her time in India and if it wasn’t for her baby, she would have delivered this live.

Joel Johnson

About Joel Josephson (pre-recorded 13×20 presentation)
Joel Johnson is involved in 14 EU funded education projects, mainly in the area of technology and languages. Apart from initiating some of the ideas for the projects he is the expert in carrying out Internet dissemination and communications. Joel is a retained expert by the EU for dissemination and has done work for a number of other educational institutions in this area.

Heike Philp

About Heike Philp

Heike Philp is founder and managing director of LANCELOT School GmbH, an accredited training center for language trainers in the use of virtual classroom technology. Her background has been in education for more than 20 years and several years of teaching German in Japan and the UK. Her passion for real-time internet communication technology led her to co-initiate two EU funded projects, LANCELOT about language learning in virtual classrooms (LANguage Learning with CErtified Live Online Teachers) and AVALON which is ongoing and explores the use of virtual worlds for practising the lagnuage (Access to Virtual and Action Learning Live ONline).LANCELOT School is the host of this Virtual Round Table Conference.


Berni Wall

About Berni Wall
Berni heads up RLI specializing in total immersion English courses and 1:1 language training. She is also behind Gapfillers a website for advanced learners of English. 30+ years experience as an English language teacher at all levels with 11 years in Indonesia. Degree in English and Music, DELTA and an MBA from Bradford University Management Centre.

Maeshelle West-Davies

About Maeshelle West-Davies
Maeshelle West-Davies (US, UK, DE) gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums. A year ago she founded the so social club and started the so social e mini mag thus adding layers to the multi-cultural nature of the city she lives in and helping to give the world more of a sense of community.

Pecha Kucha Night @ Virtual Round Table conference

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