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Friday, 20 April 2012- 10:30pm GMT | 7:30am Tokyo (Saturday) | 3:30pm Los Angeles 

Moderator – Vicki Hollet

Language Games

Graham Stanley

Digital Play in ELT

Recording (22min)

Paul Maglione

Game Design and English Attack

Recording (26min)

Users‘ expectations of gaming experiences are now very high, due to the popularity of gaming even among non-gamers thanks to casual gaming devices and platforms like smartphones, tablets and Facebook. Thus games used in a pedagogical context cannot be just cheaply produced light entertainment but must be seen by learners to be professionally produced, logical within the pedagogical intent, and ideally bundled into a gameified ecosystem. I will show how we do this on English Attack! (, which launched its consumer version in July 2011.

Bio Paul Maglione

Born in New York City, Paul studied Economics at Brown University; obtained his MBA from the London Business School, and studied TEFL at Rutgers University. He has deep international experience in the content, media, entertainment and technology industries via senior executive positions at companies ranging from CNN International and NBC Europe to iPlay and Vivendi Games Mobile. He most recently brought his editorial, marketing and business development expertise to the innovative language learning venture English Attack!, of which he is a co-founder. His vision is to create the first truly global entertainment-intensive digital platform for learning languages.

Al Doyle
Game Design in Schools

Recording (35min)

Game design has undergone major paradigm shifts in the last few years allowing younger and younger kids the opportunities to build compelling and original games with little or no prior experience or programming skills. This workshop will introduce and highlight several game design platforms with the pros and cons of each given to the audience so that they can build their own game design program in a school, after-school, club or camp setting from the materials presented.

Bio Al Doyle

Artist, professor, teacher and gamer interested in all things visual, musical and playful. Over 3 decades teaching experience at virtually every level of school from pre-k to Graduate School in subjects ranging from studio art, web design, animation, multimedia and game design.
Founding faculty at Quest to Learn, a „school for digital kids“ in NYC. Currently Chair, Visual & Performing Arts at the Dwight School, an International k-12 school in NYC. Recipient of a $10,000. Cisco Innovation Grant in 2010. Numerous fellowships for art and design from R.I.S.D., the Jerome Foundation, Skidmore College, Vermont Studio School. M.A. in studio art from N.Y.U.


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