Panel discussion
Fri 13 November 2009, 7am GMT

This panel is all about Twitter

Panelists (in alphabetical order):
Burcu Akyol, Turkey
Graham Stanley, British Council
Karenne Sylvester, Kalinago English
Shelly Terrell, Teacher Reboot Camp br>Peter Travis,

Moderation: Holly Longstroth

Burcu Akyol

About Burcu Akyol
Burcu Akyol has been teaching English for ten years. She is currently the coordinator of the foreign languages department of ISTEK Schools in Istanbul, Turkey, with responsibility for training and development programmes. In the last three years, she has focused on using web technologies in the language classroom. She blogs at

Graham Stanley

About Graham Stanley
Graham Stanley spends half of his working life as a teacher of English at the British Council Young Learner Centre in Barcelona, Spain and the other half as Project Manager of the British Council’s Learn English Second Life project. This involves managing a 3D self-access centre for 13-17 year-olds for the British Council and working with the other partners of the AVALON project, which aims to develop best practice through language learning scenarios for adults in Second Life.

Karenne Sylvester

About Karenne Sylvester
Karenne is a certified TESOL trainer of English and currently works as a freelancer in Stuttgart, Germany. She is sole proprietor of Kalinago English. At the moment she is working with students in the financial/banking, energy, engineering and IT sectors. She is the author of SimplyConversations™ and also presents teacher training workshops on using technology in the classroom. Karenne recently completed a course to become
an intercultural trainer through LTS.

Shelly Terrell

About Shelly Terrell
Shelly is an educational technology blogger (Teacher Reboot Camp), technology trainer, and English language teacher living in Germany who enjoys working on global educational projects. She has worked with young language learners for 5 years in the US and in Germany.
Peter Travis

About Peter Travis
was formed in 2000 by Fiona Joseph and Peter Travis, two former English
lecturers and textbook writers who, as teachers, had been frustrated by the lack of flexible yet authoritative online self-study resources for Cambridge exam candidates. We started from the belief that learning outside the classroom is just as important for exam success as learning in the classroom. Now in our seventh year, our award-winning online resources are used by individuals, and in schools, libraries, learning centres and training
departments all over the world.

Moderation: Holly Longstroth

PANEL DISCUSSION: „Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.“ – Chinese Proverb

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