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Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia

Moderator Steven Herder, Japan

Itje Chodidjah, Jakarta, Indonesia 

John Adamson, Japan 

Philip Shigeo Brown, Japan

Theron Muller, Japan

Despite more than 50 years of research and discussion about teaching English in Asia, there has been little attempt to define what it means to teach English as a foreign language rather than as a second language. Additionally, methodological reform has been centered in Western countries, with innovation moving from ESL countries out to the EFL contexts.  That has now begun to change. This panel offers a distinctly Asian voice for English language education and addresses some of the unique needs of Asian learners in EFL contexts. Researchers from across 9 Asian countries offer some of the most current and innovative research into EFL teaching and learning with in 5 distinct areas:

• Defining the Asian EFL context

• Empowering Asian voices

• Innovating teaching methodology in Asia

• Teaching young learners in Asia

• Innovating the teaching of writing in Asia…

PANEL DISCUSSION Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia

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