Graham Stanley

Moderation: Bozica

Recording (59min): 

An escape room is an adventure game set within a confined space in which players solve puzzles to unlock the door. During this workshop, we will look at designing an online live listening escape room game for language learning. First you will be invited to play an escape room game and then I will present ideas of how different elements such as puzzles, props,  and codes can be combined to produce a stimulating game and which can be adapted to maximize the practice of English.

Graham Stanley is the British Council’s English for Education Systems Lead for the Americas. He is editor of Remote Teaching (British Council, 2019), author of Language Learning with Technology (CUP, 2013), and co-author of Digital Play: Computer Games and Language Aims (Delta Publishing, 2011). Graham is also Newsletter editor for the IATEFL LTSIG.

Workshop – Online Conversations in Escape Room Games

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