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Delta Publishing

Martin Thomas

Moderation: Alexander Oysten

Recording (39min): https://youtu.be/E3mL6PCY8Yo

DELTA Publishing has 2 new courses for 2020

Bloggers is the exciting course for teens that uses the five Cs: communication, cultural awareness, co-operation, critical thinking and creativity. It’s written by teachers who know what teachers want and need in their course.

On Point is the new course that takes a traditional approach to teaching for busy teachers. It’s easy to navigate and needs less time for preparing lessons.

Martin Thomas has been an English language teacher for over 25 years and taught in Hungary, Spain, Italy and the UK, as well as online globally. He has taught for the British Council and also in the state and private language school sectors and has written materials for several publishers including DELTA.

Link to the exhibition booth: https://virtualexpo.info/exhibition/Virtual-Round-Table_7yddxpdawn/Delta-Publishing_qjmk85j7sl

Virtual Round Table Plenary: Delta Publishing

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