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Recording (58min): https://youtu.be/rUUM13kDJ5w 

Luiz Reikdal (rice & beans) & Gustavo Maciel (brigadeiro), Brazil

Abstract: In this workshop we will give you some ideas on how to teach culinary basics to enrich your ELT techniques. Luiz Reikdal and Gustavo Maciel are both chefs and teachers. Come and join to watch Luiz and Gus create great Brazilian dishes in their kitchen. What is the Brazilian’s favorite? “Feijão com arroz”, rice & beans, of course. And for dessert? Brigadeiro, yes! Be prepared for some “spice” and “out-of-the-box” teaching methods.

Luiz Reikdal has been performing in the ELT world since 1994. He graduated in Theater Education in 2008 at Faculdade de Artes do Paraná. Recently he has been developing with Carlos Reissman Essential English for Chefs a program for Chefs Without Borders. Instagram: @reikdalluiz

Gustavo Maciel graduated in culinary school in 2014 and continues to grow his passion for teaching, cooking and the use of creativity to introduce new food experiences. He brings the techniques and knowledge acquired from his recent job in Toronto, Canada, where he worked in Cirillo’s Culinary Academy. Instagram: @gustavoabmaciel

Recipe for Brigadeiro


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