Online presentation
Fri 13 November 2009, 5pm

LiVE is an acronym for Learning in a Virtual Environment. It is a role-playing game designed to teach English as the player progresses through – and learns about – Sydney, Australia. It works as a tool for ESL facilitators worldwide, by promoting independent learning through the use of a storyline, supported by wikis and websites. The presentation will deal with how to use and download this free, innovative tool.

About Mauricio Buchler
Mauricio Buchler has been teaching all levels of EAP and general English, for 18 years, both in Australia and Brazil. Mauricio has been integrating English teaching with technology for the past 6 years, done 4 presentations for English Australia on “tech-teaching”, and has developed the prototype of an online English teaching game. He is co-founder of nifty, a social network for tech-oriented English teachers, and is currently responsible for a pathway course at Think Education Group.

*** CLICK HERE for the 25 min recording ***

LiVE Learning in a Virtual Environment

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