Recording:  (55min)

Meet in Arcachon’s 50s schoolroom  for a brief overview of how Helen has used SL (1) for personal language development (2) as a resource to support classroom-based French lessons (3) as a real space for teaching.

Then follow her to the beach houses  to observe a re-enactment of a scene presented with native speakers ‘live’ to her 15 year olds last week, selecting a holiday home.  You can join in at any level – beginners can enjoy the authentic ambiance, learners can repeating the words and phrases or volunteer to ask questions. Cyber Placebo (RL Edith Paillat) will support pedagogically and technically!

Helen Myers  is a teacher of French and a manager in a large UK secondary school, and Chair of the London branch of ALL (the Association of Language Learning) ( and its former president.  Her main electronic means of communication is via the Yahoo mflresources forum which she oversees

Karelia Kondor is 3½ years old, and has enjoyed learning Italian supported by the wonderful Anna Begonia.  She lives in  Edunation, SL, and is an active member of  SLexperiments ( and Avalon ( She has copied Anna’s idea of a blog here: and will record related links for this session there.

Leçons de français à Arcachon

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