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What’s education got to do with slavery and human trafficking? Everything.

The 30-minute web seminar will include award winning animation, film, music, art – all reflecting the creative, pro-active stance educators and young people are taking to address the crime of modern slavery. Sustainable change lies with a confident, well-informed youth population. The actions of thousands of young people, artists and educators globally already exemplify this.

The NO Project is a global anti-slavery public awareness initiative that focuses on demand for human trafficking and specifically targets youth awareness through education, music, the arts, music, film, dance and social media.

Judy Boyle is involved in ELT Education as a teacher, teacher trainer and ELT writer, working with learners from pre-literacy junior level to Adult Ed. Her academic background includes several years at Harvard University as both a student and an award-winning ESL teacher. During her graduate studies she had the privilege of working with Dr Gerry Lesser, developmental psychologist and co-founder of Sesame Street. Her background also includes professional theatre from Shakespeare to comedy improv.

Judy is thrilled to be part of the Round Table Web Conference, May 2013.

Judy Boyle: The NO Project

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