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Arkady Zilberman
Language Bridge
How to heal linguistically wounded

In childhood our brain has an ability to hear the speech sounds (phonemes) of all languages in our environment that is why children can easily learn one or a few languages and speak them without an accent. 

Adults lose this ability; they see things through the lens of our native language, which results in subconscious cross-translation into native language of all information given in the course of learning a foreign language. 

To become efficient learners of a foreign language adults need an application for learning a foreign language as a skill on a subconscious and conscious levels which activate digital learners’ left and right cerebral hemispheres. New learning paradigm turns off cross-translation automatically. 

The new learning paradigm uses a combination of self-study application and private or public online or offline classes. Blended learning eliminates negative effects of prior experience and restores the innate ability to learn a new language.


Arkady Zilberman has developed and patented in 2002 the Language Bridge method of learning a foreign language that is more effective than the leading methods of learning English. With Language Bridge, students reach the same level of fluency as those who spend four times as long learning through a conventional language program. Language Bridge turns any adult into a language prodigy. The brain-compatible method of learning a foreign language takes into account the new characteristics of Digital Learners. In December 2011 he has applied for the new patent which covers the latest developments of the Language Bridge Technology.

How to heal linguistically wounded by Arkady Zilberman

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