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Carol Rainbow


How to get started with mobile learning

Lots of teachers know that students bring their mobiles phones or tablets into school or class and would love to harness the power and motivation that these little devices contain.   With so many different makes, platforms, apps, some Smart, some old and some simple devices it is very hard to find any common ground and see somewhere to start!  If you would like to gently dip a toe into the whole world of mLearning and BYOD (Bring your own device) this session may help. We will look at the sort of things that you can do on lots of different devices and how they can be used to aid language learning. A few apps may be mentioned but mostly the concentration will be on the generic resources available on many modern phones. We will also think about how to address the have / have not / have very old combinations of student’s phones that we have in our classrooms.


Carol Rainbow is an ICT consultant in the UK working mostly to enhance teaching and learning with ICT. She is a teacher and teacher trainer and has been involved in projects using mobile devices in the classroom for the last few years.

She was part of a project introducing a set of iPod Touches into the classroom and recently ran a project using phones to improve children’s reading and spelling, Carol is interested in using mobile phone resources and learning how to incorporate Web 2.0 tools to harness the inspiration and motivation students seem to derive from using these devices to enhance their learning.

How to get started with mobile learning by Carol Rainbow

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