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Dr. Natalja Cigankova


Essential Digital Visualisation Tools for Language Learning

An old proverb says that it is better to see something once than hear about it a hundred times.
Enhancing language learning with visual dictionaries, thesauri and text visualisation tools is a step forward in language education, as it helps to create an appealing and inspiring learning environment, triggers students’ creativity and encourages research-based learning through language exploration. The session will demonstrate practical ways to use online visualisation tools for a range of motivating classroom activities. 


Dr. Natalja Cigankova and Dr. Zigrida Vincela are assistant professors in applied linguistics at the University of Latvia, interested in both – language teaching and researching. They strive to apply the achievements of corpus linguistics and language technology to real-life language education. Since 2001, they have been teaching university courses on the use of modern technology for language learning and teaching as a part of the MA in ELT Methodology program.

Essential Digital Visualisation Tools for Language Learning by Dr. Natalja Cigankova

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