Recording (35min):

The session starts with looking at how 21st century technology has changed today’s learners/teachers/education and how our students learn in today’s technology driven world.  It’s focused on the benefits of using technology from the very rudimentary and will open a door to „teachnology“ through some practical web 2.0. tools that you can use in your classrooms. This session will be showcasing some ideas on how technology can invigorate your lessons and some of the exciting web tools of the moment that can make learning fun and fascinating.

Dilara Gamze Dokurlar works as a teacher of English for a private school. She graduated from Hacettepe University. She is an explorer in ELT, blogger, author /designer of an ELT newspaper. She’s been working with very young learners and she has developed animated stories and games with her students.

She’s more particularly interested in using technology and animations/games in language classrooms and digital storytelling. She gives seminars, workshops and presentations mostly on teachnology, using technology in language classrooms, storytelling and digital storytelling.

Dilara Gamze Dokurlar: Get Techy No “Buts”

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