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Conventional grammar-translation methods are obsolete and are responsible for the current low success rate of learning EFL. CEO of Livemocha Michael Schutzler expressed it clearly: “Language is a performing art. It must be taught like Guitar, Piano, Dance, using skills-based methodology focused on practice.

Language Bridge Technology (LBT) provides multi-sensory “personalized learning” experiences using mobile and cloud applications. LBT apps designed for acquisition of language patterns, pronunciation and intuitive grammar by subconscious learning while re-experiencing known situations in English using a proprietary Reverse Language Resonance process.

Digital Learners switch between multiple learning tasks and learn best in interactive mode – they are learning by teaching themselves, they prefer to do research and find answers while communicating with friends through social media. From blended to integrated learning: integrated with social networks, research and self-teaching on mobile devices. All those tasks are incorporated into LBT apps.

Arkady Zilberman has developed and patented in 2002 the Language Bridge method of learning a foreign language that is more effective than the leading methods of learning English. The patented Language Bridge Technology (LBT) provides a new learning paradigm for smartphones and web-based applications. It restores the innate ability of adults to learn English as the Global language by turning off cross-translation into native language. LBT is uniquely positioned to capture its target market in a reasonably short time frame creating the potential for a fast return on investment for the company and its investors. We are looking for English teachers and schools willing to test and implement the LBT method of learning English as a foreign language in China.

Arkady Zilberman: Skill-based training of EFL

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