Recording (20min)
Twitter has certain characteristics that, if utilized appropriately, can make it a fantastic learning tool for English Language students. In this presentation, I will show some ways I have used Twitter with my learners in and out of class and how it enabled them to develop their linguistic performance. I will also show how teachers can adapt these activities for their own teaching context. Participants with no or little experience with Twitter are welcome to attend.

Angelos Bollas (MA in ELT; Cambridge Delta) is an ELT professional based in Greece, the UK, and online. He is interested in online education, CPD, as well as pre- and in-service teacher training and development. In his free time, he blogs, participates in and co-moderates #ELTchat weekly discussions on twitter, and connects with language educators around the world. He is @angelos_bollas on Twitter.

Angelos Bollas: Using Twitter with EFL Learners

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