Spot the Lie in the News!

Hanaa Khamis

This demo highlights two mobile apps for detecting fake news: NewsCop and Oigetit.

It also illustrates BookWidgets website that provides a checklist for enhancing readers‘ critical abilities to distinguish between what is real and what is fake out there. The presenter will also refer to BreakingNews Class Tools, one of several web-based fake news creators. Students can use such tools to challenge each other by googling the headlines, doing a reverse photo search, and finally verifying which is real and which is not. These tools aim at creating critical thinkers who do not easily fall for logical fallacies and sensational techniques that spread subjectivity and distort facts.

Hanaa Khamis is an ESOL Practitioner and TESOL Trainer who has experimented with instructional technology since 1999. Currently, she is part of TESOL Gulf Board of Directors. She earned an MA in TESOL from the American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt in 2007. Her thesis focused on communication strategies among EFL university learners in online interactions. Her research and training interests mainly include pedagogy, technology and assessment.

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Spot the Lie in the News!

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