MS Teams

Sawsan Ali, Cairo

MS Teams is a platform that divides students into teams including private channels. Teachers can schedule and record meetings where they share screens, take notes and create breakout rooms. After ending meetings, MS Teams creates attendance reports. Teachers can also create assignments or quizzes with rubrics. The platform incorporates Microsoft tools (e.g., Word, Excel) and it can add a considerable number of applications (e.g., Prezi video, Flipgrid, Kahoot, Quizlet, etc). Cloud storages are also addable (e.g., SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box). Team members can have group chats where they do audio calls, meetings, share screens and editable files. I have been teaching on MS Teams since October 2020. It has been a rewarding experience.

Sawsan Ali is an English major finalizing a master’s in English self-assessment at Cairo University. She has been an English teacher for 5 years teaching offline and online. Sawsan is also a Fulbright alumna: In 2019-2020, she taught Arabic as a foreign language at Mississippi Valley State University, USA. She attended and presented at a few international professional teaching conferences and received multiple local and international teacher trainings.

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MS Teams

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