As language instructors, we continuously seek innovative ways to enhance language acquisition. Recognizing that each student possesses unique needs, we leverage technological advancements to optimize both learning and teaching experiences. Recently, I discovered an AI-powered tool designed for learning English as a foreign language. This tool offers a personalized learning journey by adapting its curriculum to match the specific abilities and needs of each student, ensuring the material remains challenging yet manageable.

A standout feature of this tool is its nano-learning methodology, which breaks down the learning process into small, digestible segments, allowing students to quickly see the impact of their efforts. This approach is supported by data-driven insights that monitor each student’s progress, providing tailored feedback and recommendations. This facilitates targeted learning efforts and enhances support for student success.

In my presentation, I will explore how this tool can be integrated with existing course materials to create a dynamic and effective learning environment. I will highlight specific features of the tool, share insights gained from student feedback, and discuss best practices gleaned from its application. This demonstration aims to illustrate the substantial benefits of incorporating AI technology in language education, catering to learners at all proficiency levels.

AI, data-driven, personalized learning.

edtech tool: Magnilearn


Tal Levy has over 35 years of experience in the field of EFL & EPIC. Since 2011, she has served as HoD of EAP. She is an expert in Language & Literacy with a focus on Educational Technology and ELT from Manchester University in the UK. Tal is a certified EPIC practitioner.

Tal has held various academic positions, showcasing her commitment to enhancing Ruppin Academic College’s educational programs. Notably, she has played a crucial role in steering committees focused on advancing learning technologies. She has made a significant contribution to the development of active blended learning (ABL) both at Ruppin and throughout Israel.

Tal Levy contributed her expertise to the development of a national curriculum for pre-academic recognized programs. She has also worked as a pedagogical technology advisor at the MOFET Institute’s R&D department. Currently, she serves as the VP of the Higher Education Network of English Teachers in Israel (H-INET). Tal has published research articles primarily on the integration of AI in English for International Communication (EPIC). She sits on the board of MagniLearn, a company that revolutionizes learning efficiency through AI-driven, personalized instruction. Moreover, she volunteers to support the establishment of the first world school in the metaverse.

She actively participates in scholarly conferences, making significant contributions to the field of language teaching and learning. She is deeply involved in teacher training, including effective language instruction, digital literacy, and promoting multicultural collaboration in education. Tal’s involvement in esteemed organizations highlights her dedication to continuous professional development and advancing language education.

MAGNILEARN – Making Language Learning Personalized Better & Fun With AI – Tal Levy

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