Getting started in Minecraft: Arriving, surviving, and thriving

Vance Stevens, Penang, Malaysia

Bobbi Stevens

This live demo shows where to get Minecraft, how to set it up, and then how to cope with the most daunting moment newcomers to Minecraft will likely face when joining a survival server for the first time: arrival in a strange world without resources, making shelter, crafting tools, surviving the night, and thriving thereafter.

Even on servers with protected spawn points, players may face this challenge when moving into the world beyond. You’ll learn about arrival, survival, and developing strategies for thriving in Minecraft by finding food and wool for a bed to return you to a predictable point after mishap, and keeping materials there to avoid having to restart from scratch. With a successful strategy, the game becomes enjoyably challenging. All you need now is a community, our last topic.

As founder of, Vance Stevens has hosted over 500 podcasts. His 150 publications regard students using computers to learn languages and teachers using technology by engaging in communities of practice and participatory cultures. He has helped coordinate Electronic Village Online since 2003, and has co-moderated EVO Minecraft MOOC since 2015. He received the 2019 CALL Research Conference Lifetime Achievement Award.

#evomc21, #minecraft, #evo2020, #learning2gether

Getting started in Minecraft: Arriving, surviving, and thriving

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