Animate Alice in (Virtual) Wonderlands

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Helena Galani

How to get started in OpenSim

The use of Virtual Worlds is now a new Paradigm for Teaching English as an International Language. During this workshop, you can explore how to use Open Simulator, Kitely to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. Join us to find out how you can fully immerse your students in the learning process in-world and what types of lessons you can have with your classes through the affordances of a 3D multi-user Virtual World. Come and see how you can create your avatar depending on your lesson aims, do some basic building and how to teleport to different destinations to select resources for lessons with your virtual representations.

As accredited TESOL/EAP educator, Helena Galani (Dip. RSA, M.A ELT) blends and flips her classes in immersive VWs. She owns ELT Treasure Island and taught/trained EFL teachers for INDIRE, EdMondo. As EVO moderator, Helena trains language teachers to use VWs with Transmedia Storytelling, games and Interactive Scenarios. As EduNation resident, CAMELOT Award winner and presenter, she supports the value of VWs and machinima for language acquisition

Animate Alice in (Virtual) Wonderlands

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