Indivibook is a versatile e-book library software currently used by publishers, offering tailored solutions to various users including publishers, schools, groups, teachers, and students. It features individually defined libraries based on roles, an intuitive system, and a design that minimizes cognitive load. Through a user-friendly studio, it enables easy addition of content, questions, and interactions. The project incorporates generative AI and machine learning to dynamically create classroom activities related to selected texts or book sections. These activities, ranging from generating simple questions and critical thinking inquiries to setting up role-playing scenarios and interactive group tasks, foster deeper understanding, critical thinking, and engagement among students. AI also assists in producing creative writing challenges, discussion topics, case study analyses, and visual representation projects, enhancing learning processes and skill development across diverse educational needs.


Mustafa İlkhan – Lead Developer & Co-Founder at IndiviTech, has over a decade of software development experience focused on educational technologies and 15 years of expertise in educational content creation. He is the creative force behind zKitap, a multimedia enriched e-book editor and player, and was instrumental in establishing EBA, a social educational content network under the Ministry of Education in Turkey. At IndiviTech, Mustafa continues to lead projects that innovate and address educational challenges. For more about his professional endeavors, visit his LinkedIn profile:

AI Applications with Indivibook for Teachers – Mustafa ilkhan

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