20min presentation

How to practise verb patterns on Triptico when teaching through Zoom

Sharon Hartle, Italy

Using screen sharing has become second nature to many teachers now as a result of Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) but bringing all the different facets of gamified grammar into the synchronous online classroom can be challenging. This presentation shows some ways of combining the features of Zoom, such as the chat together with Triptico to practise and personalize language in a variety of ways. Participants will have the chance to experience these activities and share them with their own students as well as learning how to create and manage their own games.

For those intending to participate:

You may like to download “Triptico” in advance onto your devices. Follow this link, and scroll down to the bottom for the most appropriate download:


Here is a link to the worksheet with information to use after the session:


Sharon Hartle is an associate professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Verona University. She is specialized in English Language teaching (ELT) pedagogy and didactics and works specifically in the field of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). She has worked for some years in the field of e-learning and specializes in multimedia material development for ELT in Blended Learning contexts.

#Gamification, #Triptico, #Grammar


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How to practise verb patterns on Triptico when teaching through Zoom – Sharon Hartley

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