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The blogosphere is a community, a way of working, a way of sharing, and, ultimately, the cream of your social media learning pie. Whether you are sharing action research in the classroom, turning webinars into vlogs, or encouraging your students to use multi-media, the blog is your backdrop to all endeavours, experiments and reflections.
Learn how the blogosphere influences, social media, personal learning networks, student autonomy and creativity.

Sylvia Guinan

Sylvia Guinan is an online English teacher, writer and blogger who facilitates professional development online. She uses brain-friendly techniques to help students and teachers around the world. She designs educational materials and runs teacher training courses. Her work is the result of much research into the psychology of learning, as well as hands-on experience with multi-media technology. She blogs and runs courses online and runs her own website. She is also Joint Web Editor for the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group.

Sylvia Guinan: How The Blogosphere Adds Substance To Professional Development

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