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Workshop: Vyew

22. April 2010 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Thursday, 22 April 2010 – 10am GMT (11am London Time)
Workshop in parallel sessions
Hawaii midnight (Wed/Thu), Los Angeles 3am, New York 6am, London 11am, Paris 12pm, Dubai 2pm, New Delhi 3:30pm, Beijing 6pm, Tokyo 7pm, Sydney 8pm
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Vyew is the Collaborative WarRoom where content, communication and workflow is integrated and managed. Unlike a conference room, a WarRoom is dedicated to a specific objective where information is readily available and displayed at all times. Users can work independently over periods of time or in groups in real-time. Content and the discussions around it are collected in a persistent environment for process tracking and review.

Vyew is a virtual room with unlimited leafs of whiteboard. Users using a browser on any OS can enter to draw and author on these boards like a PowerPoint presentation. Multiple types of digital content or documents can be imported onto these boards where users can annotate and converse around them. Filtering and search tools are used to find, isolate and track users input and discussions. Real-time web conferencing tools such as webcam, VoIP, desktop sharing are built-in. These rooms can be shared and embedded in websites. Contents in these persistent rooms can be duplicated instantly for individual use or breakout meetings; yet, digital rights of all duplicated content can be managed.

About Henry Hon
Henry Hon is a senior operations and management executive with successful start-up experience and proven marketing and technical creativity. Currently, Henry is the CEO of Simulat, Inc (Vyew). Under Henry’s vision, creativity (3 patents pending) and leadership Vyew has stood out in the growing yet crowded market of collaboration software. Within five years, Vyew is now considered a leading collaborative browser software (picked by PC World as the top collaboration software) and it is profitable.

Workshop: Vyew


22. April 2010
10:00 am - 11:00 am