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VRT2 Teaching & LearningTools

22. April 2012 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Sunday, 22 April 2012 – 11am GMT | 8pm Tokyo | 4am LA
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Parallel Session (90min)

Moderator: Marina Petrovic

Arkady Zilberman

Language Bridge
How to heal linguistically wounded

In childhood our brain has an ability to hear the speech sounds (phonemes) of all languages in our environment that is why children can easily learn one or a few languages and speak them without an accent.

(More in comment box below)


Arkady Zilberman has developed and patented in 2002 the Language Bridge method of learning a foreign language that is more effective than the leading methods of learning English. (More in the comment box below)

Tyson Seburn

Blogs for interactive intensive and extensive reading

Paper-based texts face inherent limitations (physical and interactive to name a couple) that can be overcome by using blogs instead. Although we often use blogs as tools to share with other teachers, create a classroom community and facilitate student projects, they lend themselves well to content for reading-based lessons. In this workshop, we’ll look at how teacher- or ultimately student- created reading blogs attack the limitations of paper-based texts and increase engaging interactivity between student and text.


Tyson has 15 years of ELT experience as instructor, director and publishing manager. (More in the comment box below)

Mike Harrison

Sound activities for the ELT classroom

Sound is a very powerful stimulus as it can evoke such strong feelings and emotions. Yet it seems a little underused as a resource in the language classroom. Why can’t we use sound, that is music and sound effects, in the classroom just as we do images and pictures. I would like to share a number of activities I have used with my students over the past few years in a very practical workshop. I will share activities that show how sound can be used to: elicit vocabulary, provide instant contexts for speaking activities, change and enhance reading and listening activities, and provide creative prompts for written work. I hope you will join the session and get some sound ideas.


Mike Harrison is an ESOL teacher based in London where he has been teaching for the last 4 years. (More in the comment box below)

VRT2 Teaching & LearningTools


22. April 2012
11:00 am - 12:30 pm


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