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Indivibook Mustafa ilkhan

Indivibook is a versatile e-book library software currently used by publishers, offering tailored solutions to various users including publishers, schools, groups, teachers, and students. It features individually defined libraries based on roles, an intuitive system, and a design that minimizes

Simple animated characters class VR – Paul Myatt

Learn how to make simple animated 3D characters which can run, jump, wave or just stand idle etc. These characters can be used in platforms such as FrameVR (which works on any device - including VR headsets, does not require

AI Tools for Language Teachers – Nik Peachey

Since the emergence of ChatGPT in November 2022 there has been a huge shift towards the production of apps and tools powered by AI and large language models. These tools offer teachers and students a confusing range of options and